Drivers Wanted


We are always looking for more volunteer drivers for the minibus and car at Zetland Court. If you can spare an hour or two maybe once a month that would be very helpful. For more details please contact the AFZC Secretary or Membership Secretary, they will be happy to help.


Would you like to get involved at Zetland Court ?

Can you spare a couple of hours ?

We are always looking for willing volunteers to help out around the Home with such things as driving the bus or car, helping the Homes social care team with fun events for the residents, spending time with the residents (befriending), helping out on events organised by AFZC or helping on the work part days to help clear the gardens or paint fences etc.

There is no long term commitment, just do what you can, when you can. Its a great way to meet with the staff and residents and make a difference.

If you feel you can help and would like more details contact the Membership Secretary, Carolyn Mackay through the website or email :-  carolynmmackay2@aol.com

Why not sponsor an event for the Friends of Zetland Court.

ZETLAND 2013-3682

By sponsoring an event on behalf of the Friends of Zetland Court you can be assured that your efforts will not go unnoticed. All monies raised will go towards the assistance of the home and help purchase those extra luxuries to make life even more comfortable for the residents.

If you are taking part in an event or have an idea to do something to raise sponsorship towards the Friends of Zetland Court then please let us know what you are going to do,  we can publicise it as well, to help raise your profile and encourage Lodges across all 3 provinces to support you endeavours.

No matter what size the sponsorship is, it will definitely make a difference to the residents.