Red Admiral View

Red Admiral View is the amazing new Dementia Unit which was opened at the Summer Fair in 2016.

Coming Soon on this page will be details and photographs of the facilities in the new unit.


But, in the meantime here is a story about the new Sensory Room, an  innovative idea that the staff have introduced, to enhance and stimulate the residents.Sensory Room

The idea came about because one of the residents, Violet, would put all of her dolls in her own bed and then there would be no room for herself. This resulted in her not sleeping very well and becoming anxious if she thought “her babies” were being disturbed.

The activities team brain-stormed the idea of turning a room into a nursery and collected items from home, charity shops and bargain shops. They suggested to Violet that she could put  “her babies” into the nursery and the team would “babysit” them.

This turned out to be a great success, not only does Violet trust the team to look after “her babies” , but she will also sit in the nursery talking to them.

Sensory Room 2A fellow resident, Gordon, has also grown attached to the babies and he will sit in the nursery or take them for walks in their pram.

The nursery has met with great approval from family visitors and Gordons wife Beryl has said she will knit baby clothes, so they can change them.

The nursery is a sensory room, without being a “usual” sensory room.


Sensory Room 4


It is filled with baby talc and lotion, residents smell and feel items, baby bottles and nappies adorn the shelves, tactile baby books and blankets are in the cribs.

On one occasion Violet was smelling the talc and Debra, (Social Carer) asked her what it reminded her of, Violet replied “Love… “,

As you can imagine, a very special emotional moment.

The room is loved by everyone.