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Article by Bro. Alan Carter CBE ISO

“What are Friends for?” By Bro. Alan Carter CBE ISO, Chairman , Association of Friends of Zetland  Court Someone asked me  “What is the purpose of the Association of Friends of Zetland Court.   Surely the RMBI should provide for the needs of all 63 residents and staff?”   Well ideally yes, but in reality no.   All RMBI […]


  Refurbishment The major refurbishment of Zetland Court is now nearing completion with work being concentrated on the top floor rooms. The Association is working very closely with the staff to make sure all the residents are provided with anything they may need following this major work. The new membership categories are continuing to flourish […]


  Zetland Court refurbishment is now complete. New lifts have been installed and all the rooms are being fitted out with personal facilities to make life a little more comfortable for the residents as well as redecoration throughout.             All this work is being funded by the RMBI and is […]