How to Become A Member

 Please support Zetland Court by becoming a member of the Association of Friends of Zetland Court, details of membership are shown below.


For an annual fee of just £10.00 you can become a Friend. All Friends will  receive a lapel pin displaying your personal support.



For a one off payment of £50.00 plus an annual payment of £10.00 or automatically after 5 years continuous membership as a Friend with a continued annual payment of £10.00 per year.


Grand Patron.

Those who wish to show greater support to Zetland Court have the opportunity of becoming a Grand Patron. To become a Grand Patron a one off payment of £250.00 or accumulative payments of £250.00 is required. Anyone wishing to take up this opportunity will be honoured by their name being added to one of the Grand Patrons Honours Boards displayed at the home.

To become a Member please click here,  and print and complete the Application form

Lodges, Chapters and all other Masonic degrees.

Lodges, Chapters and all other Masonic degrees can become a Patron for just £50.00 per year or can become a  Grand Patron for a one off payment or an accumulative amount of £250.00.

Both allow the title to be displayed on all communications. The status of Grand Patron will be recognised by inclusion on a Grand Patron Honours Board displayed at the home.

If you would like to know more please contact the AFZC Membership Secretary.


To become a Member, as a Lodge, please click here and print and complete the Lodges Application Form



Patrons Boards

The Patrons Boards are regularly updated to show those Lodges and Individuals whose contributions allow us to continue providing help and support to the residents of Zetland Court.